Midtown London


A new name, strategy and corporate identity for a London-based brand you may not have heard of…yet.

Midtown is a highly-connected area in central London, made up of the neighbourhoods of Holborn, Bloomsbury and St. Giles. The business interests of the companies based here were managed by InMidtown, a Business Improvement District (BID) that had recently been awarded management of Farringdon & Clerkenwell, another BID in central London.


We were brought in to transform the InMidtown brand to accommodate the rapid, organic growth of its brands, services and initiatives and to roll out the new brand across every brand touchpoint - from business cards to posters to honey jars to three new websites.

The InMidtown brand was no longer fit for purpose. The company was expanding its geographical reach and had an ambitious new vision for its future.


We needed to create a new masterbrand and design system that would be flexible enough to manage a growing portfolio of products, services and campaigns.

The name of the typeface is derived from the hackney carriage (another name for the iconic London black cab). Solid, dependable, effective and built to last. It’s also confident, assured, and a little eccentric. A perfect match considering what we do.

And it works a treat with our brand ’s tone of voice: to-the-point with a little bit of punch. 

Photography for brand collateral is consciously unconventional with beautiful juxtapositions of the old and new, capturing the little eccentricities of the represented London districts.