France 2

France Télévisions

We created a new identity for France 2 based on the power of human touch.

France 2 is the biggest channel of the French state broadcaster, France Télévisions. In good times and bad, France 2 is the channel people turn to when it really matters.

The channel realised that their country was becoming more and more divided by issues like religion, wealth and gender. In a world where everybody talks more but communicates less, it’s never been more important to bring people together.

Despite audience share growing over the past two years the channel was perceived as too traditional and conservative in comparison to its competitors. Our challenge was to create a new identity that reflects the idea of bringing people together in a modern and progressive way.

Our Idea

Our idea was very simple, but very powerful. We wanted people to recognise the simple power of the human touch, from a reassuring hand on the shoulder to a loving embrace.


We street-casted real people in real relationships – friends, lovers, partners, parents and their children – to create a range of idents and break bumpers that capture this idea of human touch.

Touch-sensitive logo

In addition to idents & break bumpers that capture this idea of human touch, we also created the world’s first touch-sensitive logo, which manifests differently on the screen depending on who touches it.