TV Licensing

Turning a functional message into an entertaining one.

TV Licensing is on a mission to create a nation of willing licence fee payers. Their existing TV ads were over five years old and needed refreshing to help modernise the brand. This new campaign would need to be similarly long-lasting and bear repeat viewing.

While it is unlikely anyone is going to love paying for or managing their TV Licence, we could make them feel a lot more positive about the experience by showing how TV Licensing makes it as convenient and easy as possible. 

The further creative challenge was that while your TV License is a gateway to a wealth of entertainment and quality content, it’s difficult for TVL to use talent or content from shows to promote their service due to copyright limitations.


Our idea, 'paying your TV licence needn’t be a drama' uses well known drama tropes from iconic TV series and films. 

We knew that the campaign messaging would be stronger if viewers genuinely thought the spots were real scenes from a drama.

In order to do this, we studied production techniques true to each era and genre – retro sci-fi, 80s soaps and contemporary thrillers.


We used similar cameras, colour palettes, shot composition, casting techniques and even incorporated era-specific production errors.

The campaign, which features a range of well-known actors from dramas on the BBC and beyond, aired across TV, radio and social.